Friday, March 25, 2016

Commission Black Ops Review + Bonus

This was not something I had intended on examining as I'm leaving for the JVZoo event early tomorrow early morning but I had a number of individuals message me and ask me about it. I decided to get evaluation access and check it out for myself.

As you can most likely think by the name Commission BlackOps is a training product that teaches ways to do affiliate marketing. It focuses mainly on the JVZoo platform however the techniques it teaches you will deal with almost any type of affiliate platform.

The training is supplied in 2 various ways. There is a PDF 'field handbook' that you can download. Ill be sincere, I personally don't like checking out PDF training, most likely because I spend a lot time looking at a computer system screen reading/ composing computer code, so I did not go over the PDF. However I did review the video training which covers the very same things as the printed training.

The very first thing I noticed about the training was that there is a logo intro video that you have to watch each time. While the introduction is cool and well done I personally never liked it when courses have these introduction videos. The are well made in both the video and in the audio.

The video training is separated into 5 various modules that have names that stick to the "black ops" theme of the course. While these are fun names they are not super descriptive and makes it a little hard to remember which module you have to go back to if you desire to review a particular part of the training.

The first 2 modules of the training are very fundamental and are absolutely designed for the total newbie. How to get evaluation access etc. For numerous individuals these may be largely an evaluation or something they can avoid all together.

The remainder of the training is focused around email marketing. Something I have done fairly well with in multiple methods. I consider myself pretty well established as an e-mail marketer when examining the training there where times that I composed things down since some of the things he pointed out where things I did not even understand and things I desire to be doing in my future campaigns. This training is fairly excellent and it provides you some valuable understanding into the experience and tactics of a well established player in the IM business.

So what do I think of Commission Black Ops over all? Well if your an overall beginner this is going to benefit you because it begins with the ground up. If your a bit more seasoned than you can skip the very first module or more nevertheless I still have no doubt that you are going to learn things from this training (I did). Because this training was something that believed me a thing or 2 and is being offered at a really low price its simple for me to say:

Monday, March 14, 2016

Vegetarian Fat Loss - 1 Effective Tip to Lose Fat for Vegetarians by Laura Ng

Many vegetarians consume only about 12 g of fiber per day, which is more than 50% lesser than the recommended daily value (DV) of 25 - 35 g. Do you know how important fiber is to your vegetarian fat loss success?

Its bulk satisfies your hunger faster and longer. It carries relatively low calories and slows down conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, while flushing out toxins, fats, cholesterol from your body through regular bowel movements. Because of these, fiber is an effective element to help vegetarians lose fat.

Here's a guide to show how much fiber you need per day.

Men (less than or equal to 50 years old) - 38 grams

Men (more than 50 years old) - 30 grams

Women (less than or equal to 50 years old) - 25 grams

Women (more than 50 years old) - 21 grams

Source: The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine

Doctors and dieticians always advise people to eat more fruits and vegetables to boost fiber intake for good health and fat loss, but, easier said than done. Even with a simple but useful suggestion like "2 cups of fruits and 2.5 cups of veggies daily", many people still don't eat enough fiber in their diets.

Interestingly, vegetarians are supposed to ingest more fiber than anyone else, but due to the modern processed fiber-stripped vegetarian food choices nowadays, their fiber intake becomes as low as non-vegetarians. That explains why vegetarians are growing fatter and now they need to lose fat too.

Perhaps you find counting cups too troublesome. So you must come up with more innovative ways to boost adequate fiber in your vegetarian diet. Why not try this method that will sure provide enough fiber in your daily vegetarian meal consumption for effective fat loss?

Blend veggies and fruits into smoothies. Imagine facing 5 cups of shredded vegetables and fruits at every meal, how much can you eat? You probably would stop after the second cup. But you need the fiber from these quantities of greens and fruits at each meal not just to lose fat but for health maintenance too.

Now, blending them into green smoothies works best because you get to retain their fiber and other important nutrients. Indeed, the valuable nutrients in these fruits and veggies get broken down into smaller particles during blending so that it becomes easier for your body to digest and absorb them.

Moreover, what turns out from blending 5 cups of veggies and fruits is only 1 cup of smoothie. Wouldn't you find it easier to drink 1 cup of smoothie instead of munching through 5 cups of veggies and fruits just to lose that excess body fat? Most importantly, smoothies ensure you consume enough fiber daily.

If you worry about the veggie taste in the smoothie, try mixing fruits to veggies at ratio 3:2 for a nice combination. I always do that. If you can think of more ways to boost your fiber consumption, just make sure they're natural and safe before going ahead.

All in all, you should always include sufficient fiber content in your vegetarian weight loss diet if you want to lose fat effectively as a vegetarian. Working out like mad without enough fiber won't get you much reward in fat loss. Fact.